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Clinician Directories

As part of our mission, we want every individual with dizziness to have access to the best resources for their recovery. Below is a collection of non-profit directories that you can use to find a clinician or support group.

Important Note: Clinicians found in the directories below have not been reviewed or vetted by Dizzy Care Network. Please review their credentials, training, equipment, and experience before making an appointment with the clinician.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing severe dizziness symptoms or believe you have a medical emergency, please seek immediate medical attention or call emergency services. Do not rely on email or website communication for urgent medical concerns.


Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) –
VeDA’s goals are to increase awareness about vestibular disorders, advocate for improvements in scientific research, expand their community of care-seekers, healthcare professionals, and support partners, and more.


We like to share any articles or other resources that would be helpful on your journey to balance.  Review the resources below:

Why Dizziness Is Still a Mystery

Author: Shayla Love

Follow Shayla on her journey to balance through multiple clinicians and countries.  Her direct style and storytelling has resonated with many in similar positions seeking a diagnosis for their dizziness.

*Reproduced with permission from the author from its original form to prevent visually triggered symptoms.  We have reached out to the publisher and they have not responded to our request to redo the graphics.