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Your Health, Streamlined

At Dizzy Care Network, we understand how unsettling experiencing dizziness can be, with sensations like imbalance, spinning, or light-headedness. Our mission is to provide you with a direct path to finding the right specialist for your unique set of symptoms. We prioritize you, the care-seeker, at every step of the way, combining cutting-edge technologies with a care-seeker-first approach. Our clinically validated methods ensure you receive a targeted referral that not only reduces the time to diagnosis but also minimizes expenses and delays, all while offering clarity and confidence as you work towards achieving a balanced life.

Your Health, Streamlined

How It Works

  1. Tell Us About You: Begin by detailing your symptoms, providing your zip code, and specifying your travel preferences. This initial information lays the groundwork for identifying the right expertise for your unique needs.
  2. Experts Review: Your report will only be shared with licensed clinicians scientifically matched to your unique combination of symptoms. These professionals will carefully review your anonymized case within 2 business days, and acknowledge whether they possess the necessary expertise and resources to assist you effectively.
  3. Choose Your Clinician: You’ll receive a curated list of interested clinicians which you can then sort by their capability score, distance, availability, cost, and educational background.
  4. Make a Connection: Pick your preferred clinician and then follow the instructions provided by the clinic to setup an appointment.
  5. Start Your Care Journey: With the right clinician, begin your path to better balance and health!

Eliminate The Referral Runaround

Your Health, Streamlined

At Dizzy Care Network, we understand the frustration that care-seekers may face, visiting numerous specialists and seeking answers without satisfactory results. That’s why we’ve developed Dizzy Care Network, a unique service featuring a comprehensive balance questionnaire. Our mission is to simplify the process by asking all the relevant questions about your dizziness just one time. Through this efficient approach, we aim to help you find the right clinician to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan, putting an end to the search for answers.

Advanced Technology For An Accurate Match Of Symptoms To Specialists

Our primary goal is to guide individuals experiencing dizziness directly to the best-matched clinician for their symptoms. With the technology developed at Mayo Clinic, we’re dedicated to reducing unnecessary referrals, medications, and imaging. By integrating clinician-driven insights and embracing a “care-seeker first” approach, we offer a seamless path to relief, ensuring accurate referrals and saving individuals time and frustration. Our broader mission is to make vestibular healthcare more effective and accessible, aiming for the overall well-being of our community.

Your Health, Streamlined

Join Our Beta

Join the Dizzy Care Network’s beta program! Get early access to new features and help us refine our services. Your feedback can shape the future of dizziness care.