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Company History

In 2023, the Dizzy Care Network was established as a platform to assist individuals seeking specialized care for dizziness and balance issues. The initiative began with the acquisition and rebranding of DizzyGuide, a tool designed for large health systems to route care-seekers to the correct healthcare practitioners tailored to their specific needs.

The decision to rebrand to Dizzy Care Network was made with the aim of expanding the platform’s reach and impact. While facilitated by Vestibular First, the Dizzy Care Network operates with a distinct mission, carving out its own space in the health tech landscape. 

Today, the Dizzy Care Network offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience for care-seekers seeking specialized care. By facilitating easy access to appropriate healthcare professionals, the platform simplifies the journey towards accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

The platform focuses on guiding care-seekers seamlessly to the right clinicians based on their unique symptoms.