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FAQ for Clinicians

  • Dizzy Care Network is a specialized referral service that connects clinicians with patients experiencing dizziness. Our sophisticated algorithm developed at Mayo Clinic matches patients with clinicians based on a thorough analysis of the patient’s specific medical symptoms and the clinician’s area of expertise. This system streamlines the referral process and ensures that patients are paired with the most suitable healthcare providers.

    The Dizzy Care Network service also streamlines your evaluation process by having the medical history and symptom clusters identified before the patient visits your office. This is delivered in a report available online to your computer or tablet for review.

  • Our advanced algorithm matches patients’ reported symptoms with the expertise of clinicians in our network. This process takes into account your specialty, experience, location, and appointment availability. The patient is then presented with a list of matched clinicians. From this list, they choose the clinician that best meets their needs. You will have the opportunity to review the patient’s history before confirming the match, ensuring a good fit for your practice.

  • Yes, there is a fee for clinicians to participate in the Dizzy Care Network. The referral fee is only charged once both the patient and the clinician agree to share their contact information with each other. Clinicians will be able to review an anonymized report prior to any referral fees to confirm they have the expertise and capabilities to properly evaluate the patient.

  • No. Our commitment is to ensure that patients are matched with the clinicians best suited to their needs. Therefore, we do not allow clinicians to pay to boost their rankings or to be recommended more frequently. Our algorithm operates solely on matching the patient’s symptoms to your expertise, ensuring a fair and patient-centered approach. The best way to improve the number of matches that are received is to pursue additional training and equipment that will allow you to diagnose and treat more conditions.

  • To join the Dizzy Care Network, all clinicians must hold a valid license to practice in their respective field. In additional clinicians must agree to and adhere to our terms of service. We welcome clinicians from various fields related to vestibular healthcare, such as Otolaryngology, Neurology, Physical Therapy, Audiology, and Psychiatry.

  • Yes, clinicians can be disqualified from our network for reasons such as a lapse in license, malpractice, or any action that violates our terms of service. We enforce these rules to maintain the highest standard of care for the patients using our service. If you have questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.