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Help us develop the ideal referral program for your practice!

Our mission is simple: Connect individuals experiencing dizziness with the right clinician based on their unique set of symptoms. We want to end the current standard of 5-7 appointments to find the right specialist and need your help crafting a service that works for you! See how it works!

Please fill out the below survey to earn $250 in platform credits once we launch the service. You will also get priority access to creating your profile and be the first to test out new beta features as they are developed.

Discipline(s) Practiced(Required)
Please select any disciplines where you are licensed
Please input “Independent Practitioner” if you are not associated with a clinic
For example, google ads, print ads, event sponsorships, balance assessment clinics, etc.
Does your clinic allow self-referrals?(Required)
For example, can a patient come to your clinic without a referral from an MD?

This is defined as the average cost in your marketing efforts divided by new patients gained. For example if a sponsored event cost $1000 and you got 5 new patients, the patient acquisition cost would be $1000/5 = $200.

Lifetime value is defined as the total revenue generated in services and products by the patient. This could be total reimbursements for sessions, products sold to them, etc. This is always greater than zero even in an inpatient setting.

In this scenario, you would be able to see the full patient history submitted before accepting the referral.