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Vestibular Researchers Patient-Facing Question

Dizzy Care Network is positioning itself to be able to collect longitudinal data from a large number of people seeking care for their dizziness. We are looking for a single question we can ask the patient as often as daily who uses our platform.

This information would be reported alongside their initial symptoms, dates of diagnosis/treatments, and other data from their exams so that both the patient and treating clinician would be able to see their progress over time.

We are seeking the advice of vestibular researchers to identify what one question we should ask them. We will do this over text messaging, so ideally, it needs to be succinct and have a numerical response.

An example of one such question could look like a summarized DHI question like this: On a scale from 0-10, how much did dizziness disrupt your day today? 0 means no disruption, and 10 means a major disruption.