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Dizzy Care Network

Your streamlined path to care starts here

Dizzy Care Network provides a direct path for individuals experiencing dizziness to find the optimal specialist based on their unique set of symptoms.  Our care-seeker-first approach combined with advanced technologies delivers clarity and confidence in every step towards a balanced life.

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Connecting Care-seekers to Clinicians

Dizzy Care Network is a dedicated platform to navigate the often complex world of dizziness-related conditions. We understand that each care-seeker’s experience is unique, and pinpointing the cause and solution requires a tailored approach. Our platform is designed to simplify that journey from initial evaluation to follow-up treatments.

Our validated questionnaire developed by Mayo Clinic matches care-seekers with experienced clinicians who specialize in various aspects of dizziness and balance disorders. We help care-seekers get the targeted care they deserve. Based on symptoms and history, we’ll match care-seekers with the healthcare professionals equipped to understand and address their specific needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Personalized Matches
    Our sophisticated matching algorithm connects you with clinicians based on the nuances of your symptoms.
  • Vetted Professionals
    Every clinician in our network undergoes a thorough review to ensure they are qualified and experienced in treating dizziness and related conditions.
  • Advanced Validated Algorithm
    Our care-seeker questionnaire has been scientifically validated and shown in research to produce accurate referrals.

Next Steps

Whether you’re a care-seeker seeking relief from dizziness or a clinician dedicated to providing the best care, Dizzy Care Network is here to support your journey. We invite you to learn more about how our platform can benefit you. Click on the button below that corresponds to your interest, and step into a new era of streamlined, care-seeker-centered care. Together, we can revolutionize the way we approach dizziness and balance disorders. Your journey towards better care starts here.